Innovative problem solving 

Skill Set

Driven Professional

Highly-motivated, and goal-driven professional with several years of progressive experience specializing in customer success and sales.

Strong Relationships & Leadership

Creating and sustaining strong working relationships with clients and demonstrating robust leadership skills colleagues while excelling in all aspects of customer service.


Customer Success is the face of a company so improvement and professionalism are imperative. My role is about enhancing customer service strategies, test sales tactics, innovate new processes, and projects to maximize client retention and growth.


I can communicate clearly and effectively with diverse backgrounds in written, verbal, and presentation formats. Managing teams remotely was a challenge, but I was able to create systems utilizing technology to ensure no communication breakdowns.

Honesty & Trust

I am equipped with an excellent work ethic, a well-built sense of responsibility, and a commendable track record of dependability, pooled with absolute integrity.

Extreme Ownership

“Extreme Ownership” is the idea that leaders are responsible for if their team fails. Blame moves up the chain of command and this is how respect is earned.

Team Player

I am always approachable and adaptable with the ability to implement practical solutions under time-critical conditions. Getting bottom-up feedback from team members is integral because it allows me to articulate my plan and find gaps in my process.

Problem Solver

I have a data-driven mindset with the proven ability to conduct market testing and analyze trends to solve problems that come up. No business can function without its share of problems, it just depends on how the team reacts to them.


I have earned a reputation at being adept at identifying opportunities while being a strong team player who can function under pressure to tight deadlines.

Over thirteen years of educating, learning, and inspiring


Customer Success & Sales Team Leader

  • Led 2 teams on enhancing the customer experience, clear communication, and sales strategies and tactics. Allowed team members to track their performance via monthly KPIs and quarterly goal reports and how to plan for improvement.
  • Demonstrated exceptional aptitude in increasing the company’s revenue by analyzing and testing systems for maximum efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Spearheaded in searching and navigating knowledge base to identify the appropriate resolution for client issues, resolved or delegated to personnel in the appropriate departments.
  • Mentored team members through monthly reviews and ongoing QA, providing guidance during customer interactions, collecting intelligence, utilizing tech resources, understanding sales tactics, and organizing workflows.
  • Met with companies/universities to form strategic partnerships and offer applicable business solutions. Participated in live and virtual training sessions, in-house and off-site, to improve my skill set as a leader.
  • Maintained clear lines of communication with team members and different departments in written, verbal, and presentation formats.
  • Led quarterly performance reviews for each team member as well as weekly team meetings. Developed SOPs for the teams’ systems, generated reports to drive our established quarterly goals for team members. Handled refunds and all challenging clients

Business Development

  • Applied financial and industry research and data to enter into medical recruitment and university placement in Europe and the USA.
  • Collaborated with universities in the USA to form strategic partnerships.
  • Evaluated the clients’ needs and preferences to ensure they are the right fit for our partnership.
  • Managed prospects and current clients with CRMs, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, and full G Suite.
  • Worked in partnership with the marketing and social media teams to create a system for prospective client engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Conducted competitive analysis of recruitment agencies to analyze their strategies and best practice presented in executive summaries.
  • Designed systems to screen qualified clients based on intelligence gathering via interviews from our current clients.

Academic Manager

  • Proven ability to manage and supervise a 20-person teaching department of the company focused on support for teachers, and the quality of the final product.
  • Led the development of new products to enhance the student learning experience and to separate us from the competition.
  • Created relevant resources using multi-media tools to enhance student engagement and engage their critical thinking skills.
  • Conducted monthly individual performance reviews with each teacher to measure their level of job satisfaction, suggestions for improvement, monthly QA score, and additional support needed.
  • Trained and observed teachers on how to improve their workflows to reach their KPIs using technology and planning strategies.
  • Provided supplementary live lessons for thousands of students encouraging participation and answering student questions in real-time.
  • Answered emails from students offering academic or holistic support for struggling students.




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