“Evolve or Die”

Learning from failure is an evolutionary process. Failure requires rapid improvement, strengthening our relationships, work organizations, and, most importantly, oneself. If you don’t evolve as an individual, you won’t be living up to your potential.

Be an Educator

Always educate yourself and your team. Promote professional development and learning to share knowledge with your clients.


Much like evolution, innovating service strategies that enhance customer experience should be the vanguard. Test sales tactics, innovate new processes to maximize client retention and growth.


Set high expectations for clear communication. Working remotely can lead to communication breakdowns, but these can be avoidable with proper training.

Earn Trust

Earn the trust of your clients by showing them you are an expert and earn your colleagues’ trust by showing humility and eagerness to understand. Don’t let your ego get in the way. 

Train Your Team

Train your team to the standard you set. Create systems to foster a growth mindset. One change many of us are experiencing is working from home.  If your team is poorly performing, they likely have weak leadership coupled with inadequate training, and being remote compounds this challenge. Read this post on how to tackle this new challenge.

Team Work

Colleagues and clients have different personality traits. Learn yours and what others are like and build teams accordingly.

Diagnose Problems

Identify and tolerate problems. Confronting your problems head-on allows you to evolve. Be honest then diagnose the root problem, no matter how uncomfortable.

Be Transparent

Create a culture that promotes transparency between all stakeholders: team members and clients. Truth can be uncomfortable, but that is what is needed. 

Fifteen Years of Customer Engagement, Business Growth, and Project Management


Business Development Lead

Business Development plays an integral role in any company, and this requires consistent growth. For private entities to prosper, it’s essential to have steps in place to ensure growth. This is what I was doing actively in my role at my company. Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Develop new products/revamp existing ones
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Seek new prospects

The catch was, we did not have a system in place, so I created one using my available resources,  research abilities, and necessary soft/hard skills.

    1. Building relationships with current customers and new ones
    2. Educating new and existing customers about products
    3. Establishing trust with all shareholders
    4. Managing leads and ensuring the pipeline is always full.

Business Development Lead

I have over fifteen years of teaching experience, which has allowed me to communicate, thus educating prospects. Education + Patience = trust. If you are not disseminating knowledge and how it will help a prospect resolve an issue troubling them, then it’s unlikely they’ll give you any business. For my role, I had to implement two marketing strategies: Outbound and Inbound.

Outbound– I needed to reach out to universities, non-governmental offices, governmental offices, hospitals, and clinics.
Inbound- I connected with our current customers who needed me to connect them with the above-mentioned entities.


Customer Success & Sales Team Leader

Customer-facing roles need to be filled by customer-friendly hires.

In an updated article from Hubspot post, “If you have customers, you should invest in customer success.” It doesn’t matter how good your food is if you have terrible waitstaff. The same goes for any product or service. If you burn a customer, they will not give you their business.

In over 20 years of working in customer-facing roles, it is apparent that you cannot teach this. However, some applicants have it, some don’t. If you are solely focused on the technical aspects of an applicant’s resume without gauging their personality and character, then you are not hiring correctly.

What will make you lose customers and clients is poor customer success and not having a system in place. For this reason, I’ve focused on establishing different systems for different companies and domains. From restaurants, to universities, to marketing agencies, I always took a step back to get the big picture.  Each vertical has its differences, but at the end of the day, it all centers around customer service and customer success and it is everyone’s role to question your current standards and practices.

Academic Manager

  • Supervised a 20-person teaching department
  • Led the development of new products to enhance the student learning experience and separate us from the competition.
  • Created relevant resources with multimedia tools to enhance student engagement and facilitate teacher’s lesson planning.
  • Conducted monthly individual performance reviews with teachers to measure job satisfaction, suggestions for improvement, monthly QA score, and additional support needed.
  • Trained and observed teachers to improve workflows to reach KPIs with technology and planning strategies.
  • Provided supplementary live lessons for thousands of students, encouraging participation, and answering student questions in real-time.
  • Answered hundreds of emails per day from students to offer academic and holistic support.



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